Collagiorama 1 for Molly Kiely

I made this collage box/diaorama thing for a barter deal with the fabulous Molly Kiely, who (whom?) is making, actually drawing and everything, a masthead for The Journal of Women on Comics (J WOC). Molly can draw and paint really really really well. I wish I could draw like that (I’ve never be interested in painting [it’s so messy]).

Where was I? Oh! So, I’ll go backwards and explain as I go.

These don’t scan very well, but that’s what I had to work with. This is what the box can look like assembled:

Three possible Collagioramas:

I used that chandelier hallway background a lot, but it’s not required.

Here are some possible permutations (I think that’s the word I want), but not in the box because it’s easier to scan them out of the box. Not much easier, but a little easier:

Here are the backgrounds:

Here are all the elements Molly can put on the various backgrounds in various permutations:

And this is almost the whole shootin’ match in the box:

I say this is almost the whole shootin’ match in the box because, tragically, the mountain goat image was lost while scanning. It’s on the scan, it was there when I put the collage on the glass, and that’s the last time I ever saw it in this dimension. Maybe the tiger ate it. I dunno. I’m sure I’ll look around the scanner one day and it will be right there, at least I hope so. Crawling around looking for it just made me realize how badly I need to clean in there. Ew. Anyway, Molly, I’m sorry, if I find it or I find another one, I’ll send it right away. I’ll ship Collagiorama 1 to you next week. I hope you enjoy playing with it and looking at it as much as I enjoyed making it.