People of Glendale, and the rest of the Universe

I have a show in the adorable KAFN café in east mid-Glendale, Adams Square area, 1019 E Palmer Ave, Glendale, CA 91205.

If you can, please stop by to support this brave little café, to buy a coffee/tea or a slice of really evil chocolate cake. Oh, and you can see the show in 1.65 minutes; there’s only 14 pieces on the long wall.

I’m accepting bids on the work in KAFN and all the work I still have on the website Bids can be sent to kafnshowATgmailDOTcom with the title or as clear a description as possible.

Usually, KAFN gets 10% of each sale, but in order to support this brave little café (or I said that already), I’m bumping the commission to 20% on EVERYTHING on the website and in the show. I’m also happy to ship the collage or collages, framed or unframed, wherever and whenever, although the work at KAFN might need to stay there for a little longer.

I’m happy to conduct personal tours at KAFN when they’re open. There’s a cute park across the street to socially distantly sit in after the tour. Just let me know.

Anyway, if you can get to KAFN for great drinks, really evil chocolate cake, and extremely interesting collages you’ll be glad you did.



Skull Rider 3

The Wapshott Press, publisher of the collage collections and other books on the sidebar, is having its annual fundraiser at . Please be generous. They publish new and emerging prose writers in Storylandia, and in 2019 will publish their first poetry collection. Yes, Storylandia is getting a little sister named Poetrylandia. Also, hopefully, the 2014-15 collage collection will also be published. But Wapshott Press needs money to do these things, so if you can please contribute, you’ll make a lot of people very happy (including me). GM

Ginger Mayerson Collage Skull Rider 3 Collage on Paper 5x7"
Skull Rider 3
Collage on Paper

Collage made at Oranges Sardines Studio Day, November 17, 2018.