artist statement

Los Angeles and its environs are a visual feast that can easily become a visual nightmare. My collage work attempts to collect my visual impressions and reconfigure them to spark a new way of looking at the world around us. The idea is to restart the looking process in the viewer of my collages by creating a harmonious, yet surprising visual cocktail, and let their mind do what it will with it. It is my hope that this new look at the Los Angeles et al. around them, will bring a new clarity to their usual views of the wonderful, challenging, and ever-evolving city and county we are so fortunate to inhabit.

I originally trained as a composer, but I have always made collages for my own amusement. The composition skills I learned as a composer have been put to good use in making collages. In 2006 I began to make them more often and more seriously so I could post them online, which was in vogue just then. I am fascinated and delighted by making art in the arrangement of images, shapes and textures that spark a new view, new angle, new thinking on the arrangement of reality in the viewer (and in me, too).

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