Looking at a collage can spark creativity

It says so right here:

“I love visual art, so this week I’m looking at collages, which rely on the juxtaposition of images in a surprising way to generate new meaning. They’re designed to provoke a sense of unconventionality and unconsciously inspire the viewer to become more creative. Here’s an image from one of my favorite collage artists, Ginger Mayerson:”
The Challenge of Creativity: 5 Tips in 5 Minutes, by Laurel Sutton, The Content Bureau, March 22nd, 2016

This made my year! Thank you so much, Laurel. You’re the greatest!

This is a great article, I mean beyond the graph about moi, there’s also this:

“Genuine creativity can come from spending just a few moments occupying your conscious mind, thus preventing it from interfering with the important and innovative activity in your unconscious. Everyone can be more creative—it is just a matter of keeping the loud guy [the conscious mind] in your head busy and giving the quiet guy [your unconscious] a chance to speak up.”

And how y’do it. Collage artists take note: sometimes even we need to look away to look anew.

Happy new year everyone!